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Cash for Clutter

Cash for Clutter

By Kathleen Parrish - Saturday Evening PostJuly 26th 2010

What better way to rid your home of excess stuff than turning it into cash? But before you advertise your yard or garage sale, you need a strategy that maximizes your profits and puts the biggest dent in your clutter, says Barry Izsak, Certified Professional Organizer and author of Organize Your Garage in No Time. Izsak provides organizing services in Austin and central Texas and is the past president of the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO). 


Here is your checklist:


1. A few weeks before the sale, give everyone in your family a box to fill with items they no longer want or use. If you're not sure of what to toss, Izsak offers three ways to decide: "If you don't love it; it's not useful; and you haven't used it in several years, turn it into cash, " this well-known garage organizing expert says.


2. Schedule your sale on a Saturday near the first or 15th of the month, when most people get paid.


3. Scrub, wash or polish your stuff. Make sure toys or electronics have all the pieces attached. Hang clothes on a rack. Use plastic bags to group children's puzzles or hold hardware nuts and bolts.


4. Put price tags on everything. "People don't want to ask you how much each and every item is," says Izsak. "For smaller items, create a nickel and dime box."


5. Display your wares on a table or a board between two saw horses. Don't make people bend down to look at your stuff.


6. Have an extension cord handy to show that appliances and

electrical gadgets work. 


7. Be flexible when it comes to price. "If someone picks up something you're selling, be willing to deal with them right then and drop your price," says Izsak. "They might be the only person all day who wants that item."


8. Get rid of what's left. It's already out of the house, so keep it that way. Put unsold stuff by the curb, or cart it off for donation as soon as your sale is over.



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