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FedEx Receives Organizing Excellence Award from National Association of Professional Organizers

FedEx Receives Organizing Excellence Award from National Association of Professional Organizers

May 2nd 2011

Memphis, TN - The National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO) honored FedEx with a 2011 Organizing Excellence Award, presented at its 23rd Annual Conference and Organizing Exposition held in San Diego, California. NAPO recognized FedEx for its long history of keeping the promise of on-time delivery through strategic and tactical organization.


“Organization was key in creating FedEx’s globally respected air and ground network,” said NAPO Past President Barry Izsak, Certified Professional Organizer®, as he presented the award. “How fitting is it that the National Association of Professional Organizers, an association comprised of organizing and productivity professionals, is able to recognize FedEx, a company that has built its success and achieved its mission by being organized and productive.”


John Fitzpatrick, managing director of the Southern California Region of FedEx Express, accepted the award on behalf of FedEx.


“At FedEx we relate to NAPO’s dedication to helping individuals and businesses bring order and efficiency to their lives,” said Fitzpatrick when accepting the award. “Our global transportation network creates order and efficiency, in our case, to the world of commerce through the careful strategic planning and execution by our team members. On behalf of all 290,000 of our team members at FedEx, thank you very much for this Organizing Excellence Award.”


On an average day, FedEx delivers 8.5 million shipments, involving the coordination of nearly 700 planes and more than 80,000 motorized vehicles serving over 220 countries and territories. The massive organizational effort required for FedEx to provide time-sensitive service directly affects the profitability and productivity of millions of individuals and businesses around the world – and it is the reason NAPO chose to recognize FedEx.“


FedEx exemplifies productivity and success that can be achieved through streamlined systems and processes,” says NAPO President Laura Leist, CPO®, CRTS. “NAPO is pleased to recognize FedEx for demonstrating one of the key messages our Association is committed to sharing with the public: well organized systems and processes leads to increased productivity which directly affects companies' bottom line.”


The FedEx commitment to using organizational best practices reaches far beyond delivering results for its customers and shareholders.. The company also delivers for communities worldwide in many ways, including through its support for global relief efforts. FedEx has provided millions of dollars’ worth of in-kind transportation services to transport lifesaving supplies to disaster-stricken areas around the world, setting aside space for more than 4,000,000 pounds of charitable shipping each year.


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