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Are you drowning in an avalanche of paper and a flood of mail? Can’t seem to find anything in your filing system? Feeling overwhelmed?


If your file system needs a tweak or a major overhaul, we can help!


Find anything in your home or office in 5 seconds or less... guaranteed!

If you are determined to find a filing system that is going to work, look no further. With over 17 years of experience, our Austin office organizers create customized filing systems that keep working for you long after we’re gone. We will help you turn your piles into files, so you can find what you want…when you need it! No more searching and saying, “I know it’s here somewhere.” Whether you are looking for a conventional or high-tech filing system, Arranging It AllSM will create the filing system that is right for you.


Do you feel like you have tried every file system known to mankind and nothing has worked?

Are you at the end of your rope and not sure where to turn next?

You obviously haven’t heard about The Paper Tiger® filing system.

The Paper Tiger will help you:

The Paper Tiger filing systemThe Paper Tiger® is revolutionary software which uses the power of your computer to solve your problems with filing and managing paper once and for all! You'll immediately spend less time shuffling paper and more time being productive.

The Paper Tiger® filing system is more than a filing system….it’s a finding system. It’s like having an internet search engine for your files. This proven system is simple to learn, easy to use and available in a single-user or network version. It includes a "live" step-by-step tutorial and all the tools you need to solve your paper management problems once and for all!


Would you like to:


When you return to your office the next day, you will experience the miracle! We guarantee 3 things:
  • You will know what to do with every new piece of paper which comes into your office.
  • You (and anyone else in your office) can find anything in 5 seconds or less.
  • You will have a strategy to deal with the papers and files which did not get converted on that first day.

Sounds too good to be true, doesn't it? Here's how it works:

A trained Paper Tiger Authorized Consultant (PTAC) will come to your office to install Kiplinger’s Taming the Paper Tiger® software and totally manage the file conversion process.
We begin by organizing your desk! Sound scary? Well, isn't that where you put your most important papers? You describe the papers on top of your desk while we enter the information into the Paper Tiger filing system and file them. Then, we move to the floor. Isn't that where you put the papers that were on your desk that you didn't get to, but are afraid to put away?

Once the desk and floor are clean, we tackle the most accessible file drawers, completing as much as possible in an 8-hour day.


Your satisfaction is always guaranteed! If you are not satisfied with the results at any time during the 30 days following our appointment, your entire consulting fee will be refunded.

Contact us today and join the thousands of happy paper tamers throughout the world! Let us show you the 24-Hour Miracle™ and change your life forever. Your satisfaction is always guaranteed!

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The Arranging it AllSM team is mentored and trained by a Certified Professional Organizer.

National Association of Senior Move Managers Accredited A +

The Board of Certification For Professional Organizers Certified NAPO - National Association of Professional Organizers Member NAPO - National Association of Professional Organizers Golden Circle Member - 20 Years Certified Senior Move Manager National Association of Senior Move Managers Member NASMM Circle of Service

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